To pre-order the deck, please go to our Kickstarter page.

If you want your reward immediately, we are pleased to offer custom prints of the various Tarot cards.  These come either unsigned, or signed by the Deck’s Creator and Artist, Siri Soderblom.  Please specify your choice on the buttons associated with the cards that you want.

You may also purchase tarot readings, by Siri, using this deck, using the Tarot Reading button below.  Please contact Siri via to find a mutually convenient time.  All readings will be given remotely, over the telephone.  Any international callers will have to initiate the telephone call.


Please note that the Forgotten Tarot Deck has NOT YET GONE TO PRINT.  Any pre-ordered deck will be sent after the kickstarter campaign is finished.  So, *for now*, please pre-order on the kickstarter page!

We are grateful for any donations, which will help us get the deck printed and distributed.


Please note that all charges will be listed as Eclecticity, Siri’s retail entity.