Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom, and creator of the Shining TribeTarot Deck and The Raziel Tarot, has this to say about The Forgotten Tarot:

For those of us who love antique photos, and those of us who love Tarot–and doesn’t that include just about everybody?–this deck is a rare delight.  Most photographic decks are people in costume posed as the standard characters/scenes.  This approach is more fascinating, creative–and potent.


Mary Greer, author of books including The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, Tarot for Your Self: A Workbook for Personal Transformation, and Who Are You in the Tarot, has this to say about The Forgotten Tarot:

I saw these cards as they were being created and was struck by how evocatively appropriate the photographs are to the corresponding card. If you are looking for something unique that can be used for Tarot and other oracular purposes, get this deck.


Angie Buchanan, Senior Minister at Earth Traditions Church, one of the founders of the Death Midwife movement, and  Executive Director of Gaia’s Womb, has this to say about The Forgotten Tarot:

This unique deck stirs the cauldron of memory, and whispers a message down the ancestral line before it even clears the bag! With dream-like surrealism it parades faces, tableaux, and vignettes before you that are hauntingly familiar yet elusive. Each card evokes its own set of questions that bloom and deepen to provide the querent with a clamoring of voices for contemplation. Siri Soderblom has crafted a magical pathway that activates the subconscious and connects with the tap root of archetypal energy.


Terry Iacuzzo, author of Small Mediums at Large, has this to say about The Forgotten Tarot:

Somewhere between melancholia and nostalgia lies the path to the mysterious world of dreams.  Photography shows us the visible; The Forgotten Tarot reveals the invisible.  If you allow this beautiful haunting deck to pull your psyche into its imagery, knowledge and meaning will appear.



Janet Berres, Founder and President of the International Tarot Society, and creator of Tarot Kit for Beginners has this to say about The Forgotten Tarot:

Both thoughtful and thought provoking, The Forgotten Tarot presents each tarot card in a beautiful new way, while maintaining the integrity of each card’s traditional meaning. Siri Soderblom is a talented artist whose images are a springboard for ideas and events. For me, as an avid collector of tarot cards, this unique and moving compilation of images strikes the right chord in an ever expanding world of tarot and reminds us that our past is as important as our future, as we go forward in life.


Kate Marena, owner of Sacred Art, has this to say about The Forgotten Tarot:

The Forgotten Tarot has deep roots in Tarot tradition and images from the past, tempered with innovative thinking to ground it in the present moment.  It is gorgeous, thoughtful, and well-designed, with a vibrant mystical energy that is engaging and powerful!  Siri has infused the artwork with a magic that seems to bend time and space.  The images echo not only backward, but forward as well, giving this deck a timeless quality that makes it a joy to encounter.