The Forgotten Tarot is not just another Tarot deck.  For one thing, it has 81 cards rather than the standard 78, so the readings can be more nuanced.  For example, note the two Justice Cards below.  Is Justice truly balanced?  Or does someone have their finger — er, toe — on the scale?  In our society, Justice is not always pure, and our deck allows for that possibility,

Death with Two Justice Cards

Of course, if you want just the regular 78 cards, it is easy to do that; but with the Forgotten Tarot, you have additional possibilities.



Siri Soderblom is the Creative Director of The Forgotten Tarot.


I was very young when I began to be interested in the Tarot. I began as most young folks do, by picking up a book or two and trying to make sense out of what was coming out of the cards…I would give myself and my friends readings using the books, and never really feeling comfortable with my knowledge. I finally started thinking, “if I were making a card about X, what would it look like?”, and started drawing the cards they way they felt to me.

But, drawing alone was not enough for the Forgotten Tarot.  Another of my passions would be necessary.

I had been collecting vintage photos since I was a little girl…captivated by a glimpse into a distant past with people, often fading away, who looked out at me from a world gone by. One of the first photos I ever purchased, at age 12, was a sad but lovely looking girl, not much older than I was. On the back, in fading-away sepia ink was written, “gone but not forgotten”. But this photo was in a little antique store, the writer and the subject of this cabinet card were both gone and forgotten. But I’d found them. Given them a new home. And a new person to wonder about who they had been.

And then, about 10 years ago, I found a few photos that just screamed out to be Tarot cards. They are the 10 and 5 of wands, respectively. I was captivated, once again…the idea that I could find old photos that would also clamor to be Tarot cards was intriguing and exciting.

Having collected, curated, and customized the 81 photos of the Forgotten Tarot, I took them to be published, and now, I present them to you.


The Forgotten Tarot is forever grateful toTerry Iacuzzo for the generous gift of the name itself.